Sri Venkateswara Orphanage

Who We Are

Provide food, clothing, medicines, education and hospital facilities to the ailing people

A Brief of the Institution

Sri Venkateswara Educational Society was established in the year 1962, being a major limb of the Educational Institution by name Sri Ramakrishna Vidyalayam Primary School in 1951. Proper Registration of the Destitute Home for children was done in 1951. Proper registration of the Destitute Home for children was done in 1962 and we owe our special thanks for the aid rendered by the State Social Welfare Board ever since 1962.we record our grateful thanks for the State Govt., aid released for the year 1969 onwards.we are also happy once again to pay our sincere thanks for the initial aid rendered by the Government of India of 50 students to commence with from the year 1975 as a measure of cottage scheme (Regd) which has now developed into a very proud improvement in keeping the number enlarged to 200. It is with pride to mention here that these three hundred and twenty five are well accommodated. The beneficiaries of the scheme are from all communities irrespective of caste creed or colour. To highlight here a special privilege is being extended especially to the scheduled caste in consonance with the nature of the dire a need of the upliftment of the society in particular.


The above Sri Venkateswara Educational Society have some branches also. The affiliated institutions are as follows
1. Sri Venkateswara Orphanage.
2. Sri Ramakrishna Primary School.
3. Sri Venkateswara Old Age Home.
4. Sri Venkateswara Orphanage (Swadhar Scheme).
5. Sri Venkateswara Old Age Home For Widowed Women.


Sri Venkateswara Orphanage (Swadhar Scheme):

The inmates of this home are discarded due to family tension, sexually assaulted, victims of mental mal adjustment, who escape from their homes due to family etc.,.

This short stay home is attached to Sri Venkateswara Orphanage, Kaduveli, Thillaisthanam PO, Thiruvaiyaru TK, Thanjavur DT, Tamilnadu. In this above home there are 50 women and girls are staying who are aged between 15 and 50. The foods, Shelter, oil, soap, etc.,. are giving to them. For these peoples, the higher studies under the management. Apart from the studying, vocational training such as bag making, mat seaving, tailoring, typewriting are made. Qualified Staffs and Part time Doctors are appointed. The Doctors are visiting 4 times per month for the check-up.

Besides this they are given free education facilities and for creation purposes, they watch T.V., listen to Radio. They are given newspapers, books and magazines. We look after them with great affection. So that they can forget their mental worries and lead a peaceful life.


Mode of Administration:

For each 25 children one house mother has been appointed. These house mothers/fathers for girls and boys respectively pay special and individual attention to the welfare of the children.Children with low mental caliber are given special and preferntial attention. For this 13 house mothers/fathers and 3 have been appointed and they perform their duties very effectively and sincerely. Separate hostels for boys and girls are available.There are 13 cooks to provide nutrition. Adequate needs such as nutritious food, decent clothing, oil, soaps,etc.,. and stationary items such as notebooks, pen , pencils , etc.,. are available of free cost. In our Sri Ramakrishna Vidhyalaya Primary School, there are five teachers.


Daily Routine:

The children get up at 5.30 a.m. . After having their morning abutions, they have prayer at 7.00 a.m. Then the breakfast time is 7.30 a.m. – 8.30 a.m. They have classes and games practice. At 6.00p.m. they have evening prayer. Then the house mothers/fathers give special coaching to the children from 6.15p.m. – 8.15 p.m. Then they have food at 9.00 p.m. and they retire to bed. To increase their general knowledge from papers are read and announced to the children. Children are imparted training in group activities such as maintaining hygiene and keeping water and environment pure and clean.


Assumption of Office as Secretary and Correpondent of the Institution:

Consequent on the domise of the management believed father on 22.08.1989 assumed as the secretary and correspondent of the institution having been duly elected by the special General Body of the Governing Council. This gave an additional oppurtuinity to serve the weaker sections of the society such as the poor and destitute people of the Scheduled Caste and Most Backward Castes.


Free Education for Children:

Children belonging to this Kaduveli Village and the adjoining Villages are given free education by the Management. This ensures their regular attendance in the school.We are regularrly conducting all kinds of tests as being done in school. Besides the education, music, drama, dance, sports are given much importance and prizes are awarded to the highly skilled and provicient amongst the constraints with hope to inspire the rest to make efforts in sincerity.

The management is taking special measures to improve the sports and so that it leads to keep a healthy bodyy.In the field of technical side, the initial search for talents in the subject of science was very well brought out by conducting an exhibition on science.


Postering the sense of oneness among Children:

To inculcate the patriotic feeling and the sense of brotherhood, the management organizes regular meetings in the campus of the institution. The Managament strives hard for religious harmony also. This shows humanistic out look on life.


Promoting National integration:

Today's children are tomorrow's leaders. Keeping this in mind, the management conduct regular essay competition for the children and gives them suitable prizes and incentives. These are meant to promote national integration and sense of ONENESS.


Celebrations of National Days:

To install love for motherland in the mind of children national days are regularly celebrated the Independence day, the Republic day, Gandhiji's Birth and Death Anniversaries, Dr.Radhakrishnan's Cenetary Celebration, Post Bharathi's Birth Anniversary, Nehru's Birth Anniversary, Lal Bahadur Shastri and Indira Gandhi's Birth and Death Anniversaries are some of the important National Days which are regular;y observes in the institution. On these occasion the children are made to understand the pitiable condition of India before independence and the great sacrifices of our leaders. So that the children can develop love for our hard won freedom. The death anniversaries of leaders are showed the children how the leaders sacrifice their lives for national unity.


A Home Award from Home:

Our Orphanage is like their own home for the destitute children. This has made possible by the motherly care and treatment of the children by the management.


Helping the children to pursue Higher Studies:

After completing the Primary Education, the Secretary himself takes the children to the nearby Higher Secondary Schools and get them admissions. So, without any difficulty, they are able to continue their studes. During this period, they are provided with free boarding and lodging, free clothing and books and other necessary accessories.


Sri Venkateswara Balwadi:

To look after the infants of the surrounding villages, the management started Sri Venkateswara Child Care Centre. Children from the age of 1 to 5 are well looked after from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. providing them with all requirements. As many as 40 children are benefiting from this scheme.


Employment after Education:

Realising the inadequancies or providing more education to the children the management take upon themselves the task of finding employment to the children who successfully complete their education. It helped more than 1500 children to find suitable employment. Thereby lit the hope in their lives. More than 800 old students of this orphanage have got employment in the central and the state governmetn department and in quasi Government bodies, 440 children are earing a decent living because of the training wee provided in typewriting and tailoring. More than 260 children are pursuing their higher studies. And these are made possible due to the personal initiatives to the management.


Immediate Employment to Children:

More than 10 old students of ours have provided with jobs in our institution as house mother/father. They are getting a monthly salary of Rs.840/-. This is a great relief to their poor families. In future, it helped many girls to get employment.


Promoting Rural Development:

The management having been born in a village has a great concern for the development of rural areas. In the village where the scheduled caste and backward caste people are in large numbers inclative to start child care center schools, children's nutrition meal centres. Adult education centers and day care centre for the aged and he sees to it that they are run properly.


Medical Care for the Inmates:

The children are provided with full medi-care by the kind and compassionate Secretary of the institution.They are medically checked up thoroughly and special care is given to any child who has a medical problem.


Group Works:

Inmates are divided into various groups and they are allotted for specified works such as the group of water, group of medical and group of safety. Thus they attain the habit of planning in various situations.


Educational Tour:

Tour is an essential and integrate the part of education. Once in a year the children are taken on a mini tour, twice they had bigger tours lasting fifteen days and they were shown important temples and other historical landmarks. The entire expense is done by the management.


Community Works:

To involve the children in community activities and develop them in social consciousness, they are trained in community service activities such as road repairing, cleaning the villages, cleaning the temples and schools.


Culture Activities:

To develop their histrionic and artistic talents, they are provided training in singing dance, play acting and other entertainment and cultural activities. The highly talented children are suitably rewarded.


Sports and Gains:

A sound mind in a sound body- keeping this adage in mind, the secretary pays special attention to their sports talents. Many students have participated at the district level sports events and have won laurels.


Intaining the Bio-Data Child:

With mediculous care the secretary maintain the persona, Bio-Data for each child that contains comprehensive details about the children. This helps the management as well as the teachers to moniter the progress regularly.



Shri. Dr. J. Viswanathan – Founder cum Managing Trustee

Sri Venkateswara Orphanage

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