Annual Events in the Orphanage:

The Secretary organizes regular weekly and monthly meetings in order to promote s[iritually values and religious harmony among children. The annual day is regularly observed on a grant scale – grant leadders and high officials are invited to address the children.


Helping the Physically Handicapped:

As active interest in serving the physically disabled. He has taken initiative to provide them with necessary accessories such as tri-cycles, hearing aids, spectacles. The management helps the people with poor eye sight to undergo free operation.


Women's Upliftment:

Institution is much interested in the upliftment of women in general rural women in particular. Most of the women are illiterate. He teaches them. Thus they are abled to read newspaper and develop their general knowledge. He tries to include in them the habit of 3rd savings. It helps them to open accounts in post office and banks. It approaches the government agencies and helps them to get loan for starting small business.


Marriage Plan:

The Government of Tamilnadu has a scheme to help the destitute women for their marriage. It is known as the MOVALUR RAMAMIRTHAM AMMAIYAR MARRIAGE SCHEME. Under this scheme Rupees Five thousand is given as free. Many poor and illiterate women are unable to make use of this scheme. The management helps such women to get this needed aid. A few of beneficiaries are mentioned below:
1. T. Gandhi
2. M. Mala
3. V. Jayanthi
4. T. Santhi
5. V. Kumari
Among them, T.Santhi is an orphan who studied in our school and staying as inmate in our orphanage and also employed in our institution for a monthly salary of Rs.11,000. Further the management is spreading an awareness among women about the good scheme recently brought by the Tamilnadu Government for the welfare of women with a view to stop female infoeticide.


The Management's Future Plans:

1. Helping the starving people without bothering about number.
2. Setting up and industrial compels to provide job to all the inmates.
3. Upgrading the Primary School into a High School.
4. To pay greater attention for religious harmony and national unity.
5. To adopt cradle babies. (The Tamilnadu Government has started a scheme known as cradle baby scheme.) The unwanted female babies shall be placed in the cradles in select centres that run by the Government.
6. Helping all who have any problem in one way or the other.
7. To work for laying roads to villages and providing drinking water.
8. To promote social and religious and cultural values and promote humanism among the adults and children.
9. The management also has a big scheme of starting a spinning mill to provide jobs to our children.
10. A printing press is on the anvil.
11. We give first priority in job opportunities in our institutions to our children. We are striving to enlarge the job opportunities by mobilizing funds from various sources.

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